About Us

The operators of the highly acclaimed InMotion Entertainment and Airport Wireless (WACDBE Certified) airport retail stores have joined forces to bring you a new airport retail concept capitalizing upon their combined experience and distinct expertise. This is a powerhouse collaboration offering the latest and greatest in mobile business hardware and accessories, and mobile entertainment devices, accessories, and media. The venture fulfills the existing need for mobile high-tech while also addressing the burgeoning green movement.

In the new economic landscape, consumer attitudes are changing. The overindulgent shoppers of yesterday find themselves increasingly thoughtful of purchases and mindful of spending. Consumers are seeking ways to balance their lives and refocus their priorities around such things as family and environmental sustainability.

Soundbalance is a technology lifestyle store which presents travelers the unique opportunity to briefly leave the terminal behind and experience significant new technology advances in a Feng Shui setting. Upon entering your eyes will fall upon a centrally located circular oasis devoted to "green" focused technology products. Within this green zone, you will find such items such as mobile phone cases with the appearance of conventional plastic; yet manufactured using a 100% renewable resource such as wood pulp. Or a breakthrough solar charger that stores enough green energy to conveniently recharge a mobile phone several times over. Exploring further will find you browsing opposing perimeter sections, one each for business tools and entertainment devices. A literal Yin Yang approach to both work and play, and the added virtue of responsibility is infused into the floor plan. Live technology demonstration units are mounted on elegant interactive display fixtures, which beckon the passerby with the prospect of some dwell time "tech play."

In addition to accommodating the advanced mobile electronics needs of the modern traveler, our mission is to educate consumers on the benefits of utilizing sustainable products in their every day life. We also seek to convey that "green" products don't always cost more, and that there is greater intrinsic value to an environmentally friendly product. The Soundbalance team directly collaborates with manufacturers to create and promote quality products to all demographics, and especially those who are interested in a brighter future.

Soundbalance is a joint venture between Project Horizon and APW Brands. Project Horizon operates InMotion Entertainment, Soundbalance and Blackberry from Wireless Giant. APW Brands operate Airport Wireless and Techshowcase and is ACDBE Certified. Soundbalance's Managing Partners are: Jeremy Smith - President of Project Horizon, Tom Hurd - EVP of Project Horizon, Ilene Berman - Co-CEO of APW Brands, and Iris Goldschmidt - Co-CEO of APW Brands.