Travel Tips to be “Greener”

In our common practice of flying from here to there, we can take certain measures to leave less impact on the environment. By saving energy, reducing waste and traveling smarter, we can not only minimize our trail, but also save a little money.

1. Pack Lightly. Packing efficiently will not only reduce your load, making it easier to travel lighter, but will also reduce the fuel needed to transport your belongings. Added bonus: it will also save you money as most airlines charge for extra baggage or heavy suitcases.

2. Bring your own food for the plane. By packing your own in-flight snacks or meal, you will inherently use less disposable food containers. Bringing your own food also enables you to make healthier choices.

3. Unplug your home. Save money and energy by unplugging as many appliances as possible before you leave for your trip.

4. Combine your business trips. If you must travel to several cities start with the farthest destination and make your way home. While it may be tiring, you will ultimately save time on the road and limit your impact.

5. Check in to hotels that practice sustainability. By using socially and environmentally responsible hotels and tour operators, you can ensure that your trip will contribute to the cause. While the newly created “green certifications” are still not standardized, the following sites can help you navigate and choose your specific destinations and accommodations:.,,,

6. Use an energy-saving charger. Your mobile device and laptop chargers typically consume an abundance of energy. Soundbalance sells chargers that reduce the “vampire power” or “phantom power” with energy-saving filters, as well as high-quality solar-powered chargers.

7. Give housekeeping a break. Many hotels now offer the choice of changing your sheets and towels less than daily. By opting to do so, you use fewer resources.

8. Re-use your plastic water bottle. By carrying around and reusing your water bottle, you’ll be sure to stay hydrated while not being wasteful.

9. Rent a hybrid car. If you must get around by car, give a hybrid car a spin or support rental companies that offer this option. Avoid renting a larger car than you need. You’ll save on emissions, gas and money.

10. Don’t print your meeting notes. Use your mobile devices and laptops to store, carry and conduct your important meetings. Your travel bags will be lighter, and you’ll be able to update those notes instantaneously.